What is Our Supply Chain Strategy?

Defining a strategy for supply chain management may be critical for the success of your organization. How products are being marketed and distributed is continuously changing and managers may find themselves attempting to answer the following questions:

• Is our logistics approach consistent
with our overall vision and goals?

• What is the best way to distribute our
products to improve customer service
and reduce costs?

• What is the value of our supply chain
services, and how can we improve it?

• Is logistics a competitive strength, or
should functions be outsourced?

• If we do outsource, who should we use?

• What logistics service can we offer
our customers that beats the competition?

• What software should we consider that
will improve our supply chain management

• Should we enhance our supply chain
management services via acquisitions?




Chesapeake Logistics can help you answer these strategic questions,
and formulate an effective supply chain strategy through the
following services:

• Develop a logistics plan that links corporate vision/mission
to supply chain strategy alternatives

• Evaluate strategic alternatives based on customer
requirements and competitive advantages

• Map defined strategy to internal capabilities

• Translate supply chain strategy to financial plan and goals

• Analyze outsourcing options and economic consequences

• Evaluate acquisition opportunities and quantify/negotiate offer price

• Benchmark logistics plan to best practices in logistics

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Chesapeake Logistics’ extensive experience in logistics strategy
and planning includes the following:

• Established strategy of U.S. logistics organization as lean,
knowledge-based service provider, focused on client cost
reduction and customer service improvements through effective
design and program management, with strong affiliations with
asset-based providers

• Applied Value Chain Analysis as means to identify strengths and
weaknesses to formulate strategic direction for logistics functions

• Evaluated, priced and negotiated several acquisition opportunities
of transportation management, third party logistics and equipment
leasing companies throughout the U.S.

• Developed long-term business plans for third party logistics
organization, including financial projections and performance ratios

• Participated in coordinating alliance with large consortium of
regional warehouse service providers as means of accommodating
clients’ warehousing requirements

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