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Who Should Use Chesapeake Logistics?

Why Should I use a Consultant for Logistics?

Why should I use Chesapeake Logistics?

What are My Benefits from Using
Chesapeake Logistics?

Who Should Use
Chesapeake Logistics?

CFOs and Logistics Executives - With a background in finance as a CFO, and in logistics as GM of a third party logistics firm, Chesapeake Logistics offers a unique set of skills to assist company executives to establish an appropriate strategy and tactical plan to enhance logistics performance, and then analyze and benchmark the results.

Third Party Logistics Firms - With over ten years of financial management and executive experience in the third party logistics industry, Chesapeake Logistics is well-positioned to provide services, with an experienced and independent view. Chesapeake can hit the ground running on projects, while offering an external expertise that can enhance your methods and processes.

Consulting Firms - As more companies are outsourcing
supply chain projects and systems implementations to
consulting firms, these firms are often finding themselves short of available personnel, or without the specific expertise offered by Chesapeake Logistics. Consulting firms should consider Chesapeake Logistics as a means to better service client relationships and offer broader expertise to their target markets.

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Why Should I use a
Consultant for Logistics?

Economic Value - Effective logistics strategy is becoming more critical as a means to differentiate services and value. A study by A.T. Kearney determined that logistics costs on average represent 10.1% of sales, yet only 6.5% for best performers. For a $200 million company, this translates into additional annual profit of $7 million. An investment in consulting services could provide a tremendous financial return relative to achieving best practice status.

Variable Cost - Another advantage in using consultants is to avoid the high costs of employment and pay for talented professionals when needed for specific objectives and projects.

Industry Expertise/Relationships - An experienced consultant can steer your organization to high quality logistics providers who are best suited to match your organization’s culture and requirements, being familiar with trends, capabilities and performance in the logistics industry.

Benchmarking - Comparing your own performance to
top competitors may be best achieved by a consultant.

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Why should I use
Chesapeake Logistics?

Approach - Our services encompass the following philosophies in our approach to provide you with the best results: listen before preaching, consider organization’s culture, be results-oriented, maintain strict confidentiality, follow recommendations through implementation, focus on value, ensure timely transition, and move on when appropriate.

Experience - Almost twenty years of professional experience in finance and logistics, including logistics and financial management, strategy development, logistics design, systems implementations, acquisition and contract negotiations, project management and organizationalcontrols and procedures; with Big 6 public accounting firm, two international third party logistics providers, and a major consumer products company.

Leadership - Provided strong leadership in creating logistics organization as both Chief Financial Officer and General Manager, fostering a culture of continuous improvement through teamwork, process definition and education, supporting and motivating professional staff during a challenging growth period.

Knowledge - As former GM and CFO, understand relevant business issues, having developed and implemented logistics strategy, established relationships with industry players, and managed bottom line performance. Continue to expand knowledge through continuing education in the logistics field.

Technical Skills - The ability to provide solutions starts with having the proper technical skills. For Chesapeake Logistics, these include:

• Financial analysis and modeling
• Strategic assessment
• Design of logistics networks
• Pricing of logistics services
• Acquisition evaluation, pricing,
due diligence and negotiation
• Writing and presenting proposals for logistics services
• Accounting/activity based costing
• Project management
• Process definition and flowcharting

View of Logistics from Financial and Economic Perspective - Chesapeake Logistics focuses on the financial and economic perspectives of logistics activities that will generate the highest economic value for your organization.

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What are My Benefits from
Using Chesapeake Logistics?

Strategic Focus Achieved by implementing a specific logistics plan that is linked with the organization’s mission and strategy.

New Business Generated through more effective proposals and presentations that emphasize the financial benefits from the logistics services offered, in the language of the prospect’s management.

Profit Improvements Realized by identifying problem cost areas, pricing based on knowledge of activity costs and value to customer, and use of strategic alliances and creative methods to further reduce costs.

Customer Service Enhanced by using benchmarking,
performance measurements and use of third party providers to achieve best practice status.

Risks Better Managed by understanding financial impact of logistics decisions and addressing all possible economic consequences in contractual terms.

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