How Can We Win
New Business with Logistics?

In pursuing new business opportunities, stressing your capabilities and advantages in managing the supply chain for your customer’s benefit can be a daunting task. What is often missing is a translation of the services being offered into an economic benefit for your customer. Your customer may need the following questions answered before determining if you win the business:

• How do your service offerings address my requirements?

• In addition to your price, can you tell me the financial value for my organization from your services?

• How will your services allow me to better manage my risks? Can you quantify this?

• Are you willing to share the risks and rewards from your services, and if so, can you present me with
options for pricing?



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Chesapeake Logistics can help you answer these questions,
with services focused on winning new business:

• Translate a prospect’s needs into a coherent presentation of
capabilities to solve supply chain issues and generate economic value

• Provide training to sales personnel focused on understanding
and communicating the financial benefits of logistics services

• Review logistics pricing practices, recommend pricing strategy to optimize
financial return and build a pricing model to calculate projected profit, net
present value, return on capital and economic value added

• Perform a risk assessment for new business services,
highlight risk sharing issues and mediate risk/reward negotiations

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Chesapeake Logistics’ experience in logistics business
development includes the following:

• Wrote several proposals for third party logistics services
that focused on provider’s competitive advantages and the
economic benefits projected for prospect

• Presented to the executive management of a major consumer
products company the long- term financial benefits of proposed
logistics services, including ROI, ROCE and EVA impact

• Provided in-depth study of pricing practices for one of top third
party logistics firms, recommending and implementing
several improvements

• Developed pricing model for logistics services factoring
both logistics costs and value realized as elements
of price determination

• Identified operating risks from logistics services, and
established contractual terms to specifically address
each of these risk situations

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